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The Experience

Sittings include much more than just taking photographs of your dog - it is more of an experience for you and your dog to enjoy. You will be well looked after throughout the entire process.


Following your initial enquiry, I will arrange to have a pre-sitting chat on the phone or at your home (usually a week or so before the sitting date). I will ask some basic questions about your dog and what you hope to achieve from the sitting. This gives me the chance to discuss the shots you require, as well as offering suggestions of my own regarding some shots to consider. I can also discuss any concerns you may have about the sitting to put your mind at ease.


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Depending on the location of the sitting, I generally keep your dog on a lead to maintain his/her safety. This also prevents them getting dirty or wet and keeps them looking their very best. Good images require a happy dog, so I use reward-based positive reinforcement during the sitting, so bring plenty of treats or a favourite toy. The sitting generally lasts one to two hours for a Full Shoot*, (any longer and your dog may start to get stressed) but if they decide they have had enough before this time, I will either stop the session and take a break or stop the session entirely. The intention is that the sitting is fun, for both you and your dog, with no pressure to perform.

Following the sitting, the images are collated and professionally re-touched which usually takes up to three weeks. The best images are then prepared for a viewing session in the comfort of your own home. Each Session includes a framed image, however I also offer a choice of materials onto which your images can be printed (with framing options), together with examples of how they will look once displayed on your wall. This will assist in deciding which image(s) are right for you. Digital images are also available. Your order can then be placed.

When your order is ready, I will contact you to make arrangements to hand deliver direct to your home (digital images excluded).

*Mini Shoots are usually around 45 minutes to one hour


"I was worried about the shoot day having 4 terrier dogs in the middle of the woods full of squirrels and other fun things to chase. Steve made the whole session stress free and fun, the dogs loved him it was a great day............I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting a great value professional memory of their pet, he is the nicest guy your ever likely to meet who has a genuine love and passion for his work."

Lisa - Broadmayne



07788 425164


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