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Sitting Fees


A Full Photo Session for one Dog      £100.00


(includes a 12x10" framed image of your choice)




A Mini Photo Session for 1 Dog      £75.00


(includes a 10x8" framed image of your choice) 

 Additional Dogs in a single session are charged at £25 per Dog



Why not book our 'Growing into my Paws' Package

For just £250.00 you get FOUR separate Mini Sessions in different locations spread over the first year of Puppies life,

while he or she is growing into those big paws.


(includes a 10x8" framed image of your choice)

Gift Vouchers are available for that special gift 

(Please call for details)


All of our framed products use sustainably sourced materials, and we strive to use no single use plastic in any of our products or packaging.


07788 425164


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